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Ditch the tanks!

Peak Oxygen offers ultra-lightweight Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

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Every patient has his or her own goals for daily living on oxygen therapy. Regardless of the type of oxygen device, the primary goal is to maintain oxygen saturation both at rest and with activity and to enjoy quality of life. Since all devices and patients differ, it is important to match the oxygen device to the patient to ensure the patient’s lifestyle and clinical needs are met. When those needs are met, it positively affects the quality of life of the patient .


Peak Oxygen strives to set patients up with the smallest, lightest equipment on the market. Let one of Peak Oxygen's advisers meet you at your home to find what equipment works best for you. Don't let your old, heavy oxygen equiptment weigh you down, choose Peak Oxygen.


"We’re very pleased with the service that we have received from Peak Oxygen. Every time we call the Peak Oxygen line we are able to speak to someone very fast. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to use something other than tanks. Once again, we are very pleased." - wife of Peak Oxygen patient



What’s the difference between an oxygen tank and a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?   

1) Consistency – POC will never run out of oxygen as long as there is a power source and   air available.

2) Safety – POC only create oxygen as needed eliminating the concern of leaks and therefore risk of flammability.

3) Size – Weighing less than five pounds (or as little as 2!), a POC is designed for portability and convenience.


“I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from Peak Oxygen.  If I have had any problems they have always come in a timely manner to help me out. I’ve recommended Peak Oxygen to my friends and one of them has moved over to them. I’d recommend them to anyone.” – Leonard, Peak Oxygen patient